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Welcome to Kingdoms of Argus webstore!

Select any category to your left to help out with the server's development and monthly payments! Without donations the server will be shut.. just kidding! Without donations Kingdoms of Argus will still be alive. Nothing will stop MarcusG's dream server although donations & purchases are always welcome and helpful! The staff and I hope you have the best Kingdom RPG experience on the server.

Above this is the Donation Goal. The goal was calculated by adding up monthly expenses such as website and server hosting, this store website,  advertising and plugin development. If we reach that goal every month the Owner will throw an in-game slumber party, he'll pay for the food and drinks!

As of now we currently only support PayPal as a payment gateway however if you would like for us to "step our game up" let our friendly staff know by joining the discord server here or making a feedback post here. Also if you have any transaction issue make a support ticket here but do wait a minimum of 2 hours for your transaction to go through and reach us for you to receive your package!